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Welcome to my blogalog, I’m a hack writer known to a few by the handle of Kyle (Killjoy) Wolfe and in this case all names, locations and dates have been change to protect the guilty with the exceptions of politicians, child molesters, people who are cruel to their animals, and anyone else who hacks me off!

Well for a start today I think I’ll give the world of facebook games a good whacking about the head and shoulders!

A few months back I let myself get wheedled and whined in to playing this browser game called Zoo World (developer Rock You) and I have been at it every since. The bloody thing is addictive as all get out and at the same time the flaws and changes that Rock You springs on you makes want to thrash you computer soundly! Love hate relationship doesn’t even come close to covering the moods this game brings out. And at Rock You, the company that developed and runs it, it a wonder the guys and gals who work there haven’t spontaneously combusted from all the hate that comes their way! One guy who plays does this post called Zoo World Cheese of the Day when Rock You does something too outrageous to let pass by without comment. It’s kind of a kick to see what he’ll give them a piece of his mind about next!

So Zoo World rates a 10 for addictiveness and being mind numbing with 1 for Customer Support to go along with the F rating that the San Francisco office of the Better Business Bureau gave Rock You.

So if you don’t play Zoo World, don’t start! And if you do, you have the condolences of a fellow traveller down that endless mind numbing road.

Kyle Wolfe 08/04/2010

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